School Model

  • Classrooms will be small (6-10 students)
  • O-G session will remain small
  • Students will have O-G, reading, writing, and ELA during the morning
  • Afternoons will include Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • Art, Music, Gym, and Drama will be specials throughout the week
  • Recess and other movement activities will be daily
  • O-G will be fully infused into daily instructions and activities
  • Students will have homework as teachers deem fit

The School Day

  • Drop-off 7:30-7:50 am, with the day beginning at 8 am
  • Dismissal at 2:30
  • The school week will end on Friday at 11:30 am.

Maximizing the school schedule to reduce student exhaustion and parent stress

  • As many of our children do and will benefit from additional services (executive functioning, manners, social skills etc.), The Promise School is partnering with local providers to offer those services at school.
  • We aim to offer programming after Friday early dismissal.
  • Student’s other providers can also deliver the services during the school today (speech, executive functioning, therapy, OT)
  • O-G tutoring will be available after dismissal.
    Many of these services may incur additional fees.